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Trauma Program Passes Survey

The Wyoming Trauma Program's mission and guiding vision is to promote optimal care of the injured patient from the time of injury through rehabilitation through the establishment, enhancement, and maintenance of effective emergency medical & trauma care systems.

Megan Maus, RN, and Emergency Department Director, joins CRH Talk to discuss our recent trauma survey. Cody Regional Health's Trauma Team passed the survey with zero deficiencies!

This means we have an amazing team that knows what they're doing! As a level 4 Community Trauma Center, we can say our center is effective. There is a demonstrated 15-20% improved survival rate for patients who are injured in an established trauma system.

Care of the injured patient that is delivered at a trauma center hospital is associated with less morbidity and mortality than in non-trauma center hospitals. "We are a well-oiled machine," states Megan. The team works closely together to ensure all of our patients are cared for quickly and efficiently for the best outcomes.